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Advertising with The Baby and Toddler Guide...

Ad Dimensions

Ad Size (Live Area) Dimensions
Full Page 5.125" wide by 8.125" high
Half Page 5.125" wide by 4" high
Quarter Page 2.5" wide by 4" high

Ad Specifications

For best reproduction, digital data MUST be supplied at 300dpi as JPEG, EPS, TIFF, or PDF.

All fonts should be CONVERTED TO OUTLINES prior to creating PDF.
Image must be flattened when saving as EPS.

MAC files from Quark Xpress (6.5 or earlier), Photoshop (CS version 8.0 or earlier), or Illustrator (CS version 11.0 or earlier) are accepted.

Please ensure that all fonts are provided with the source files.

Corel or Microsoft Word or Publisher files are NOT accepted.

Digital files should be supplied in MacIntosh format only. All files should be in CMYK, convert any spot colours PMS to CMYK. Layout should be assembled in QuarkXpress 6.0 or lower, Adobe Illustrator 10 or lower, Photoshop 8 or lower.

Include all high res 300dpi images and fonts, a hard copy or soft PDF copy is required with your disk. There will be additional charges when ads and / or artwork / graphics are not submitted in the above format.

We accept digital files in the following formats: TIFF, PSD, EPS, AI, QXD, PDF, Zip 100 and CD / DVD are the supported media types. Please send to: The Baby & Toddler Guide

Files may be sent using FTP: Please call or e mail to obtain a user name and password and instructions on how to send your files over the internet.

Digital File Format

QuarkXPress 5.0 or earlier
Please make sure all placed images and fonts are included with the file. Placed image files should be CMYK and at a resolution of 300-350dpi and placed at 100% size. Images should be resized in Photoshop rather than in XPress. Colours specified in QuarkXpress must be CMYK as must all placed colour graphics. Type that has been made bold or italic in the QuarkXpress style menu or type pallet may not print properly, always use the bold or italic version of the font with the style set to plain.

Adobe Illustrator 7.0 or earlier
All linked or embedded images must be in CMYK colour and at a resolution of 300-350dpi. The document colour space must be CMYK. Check that overprint and knockout settings are correct. Covert all type to outlines. (it is a good idea to save two versions, an AI file with type and an EPS with type converted to outlines, and send both.)

Adobe Photoshop 7.0 or earlier
Photoshop documents should be in CMYK colour and at a resolution of 300-350dpi at the printed size. Be sure to allow for sufficient bleed. Please include a flattened TIFF file and the layered Photoshop file.

Adobe Acrobat (PDF)
If you submit your ad as a PDF file, be sure all the settings were correct for commercial printing. The original document must be CMYK. No image compression for colour and grayscale images. Downsample colour images to 350dpi, grayscale images to 600dpi and monochrome images to 1200dpi. Embed all fonts.

Scanned Images and Digital Camera Pictures
Scanned images should be 300-350dpi when at the size they will be printed. Do not rez-up smaller images by increasing the size or resolution. Images from the Web are generally 72dpi and are not suitable for high resolution printing. Scanned line-art should be 1200dpi resolution. Images should be in CMYK colour and TIFF or EPS format. JPEG images may be usable only if the resolution is 300-350dpi at the final size and they have been saved at 'high-quality' settings.

Digital cameras must be set to the highest resolution (largest size) and highest quality (least compression) in order to take pictures suitable for your ad. A four megapixel camera is capable of producing a full page picture at the necessary resolution as long as the image does not need to be trimmed. Lower megapixel cameras can only produce pictures suitable for use a a smaller size.

All colour files should be in CMYK. Do not use spot colour. Convert spot colours and Pantone colours to CMYK, RGB colours cannot be reproduced accurately on the printing press.

Fonts and Type
Please include all fonts used in your files, including any that are used in placed or imported EPS files. You can eliminate most potential font problems by converting all your type to outlines or curves if your program supports that. Embed all fonts used in any PDF you create.
Type that has been made bold or italic in the Style Menu in your program may not print properly. Always use the bold or italic version of the typeface and set the style menu to 'Plain'.

Send a black & white or colour print-out with your digital file so we can verify that it is printing correctly. Please note that prints from desktop colour printers do not accurately show how colours will look when printed on a press. If your wish to send a proof for colour matching, please make sure that it is a professionally produced contact proof.

Supported Media
Zip 100 and CD Rom

  • We work on the Macintosh Platform and prefer that files be created in Macintosh programs.
  • Please do not supply film for artwork as we do entire book digitally.
  • We do not accept any files done in Microsoft Word, Publisher, Powerpoint, Excel and any other word processing and presentation programs because they do not support high resolution output and CMYK colour separation.

Files may be sent using FTP: Please call or e-mail to obtain a user name and password and instructions on how to send your files over the internet.


Sample Pages

1 /2 and 1/4 page sample (not actual size)

Full page sample (not actual size)

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