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Birthday Party Checklist

Here are some helpful tips to help make that day a special one!

1 month before – Decision Making Time

• Pick a day on a weekend, close or on actual birthday!
• Take the age of the birthday child into consideration when picking an appropriate time to hold the party. The earlier the better for babies and toddlers.
• Choose a theme. Always let the birthday child choose!
• If you are hosting the party at home this is the time to book an entertainer or decide what you will be doing to entertain the children.
• If you are having it at an outside facility, make a reservation and get a list from the party place to see what is included in your package and what you are expected to provide.

3 Weeks Before – Invitations

• When deciding how many to invite it is usually recommended to stay with the same number of children as the birthday child is turning +1.
• Take into consideration where it will be held (small family room or large party place).
• Send out invites either by mail or e-mail. Make sure to include RSVP #, Location of party (map/directions), and begin & end times.
• Decide on the menu for both adults and children include healthy food choices. Platters of sandwiches, veggies and fruits are always good!
• Book caterers. Will they be delivering? If not ensure someone can pick up other than yourself!
• Make sure you will have enough adults attending to help out, or hire a babysitter to be there to help, someone that knows your child is always helpful.

2 Weeks Before – Details

• Purchase party wear, all themed paper and plastic for easy clean up, décor, order balloons.
• Order cake and buy candles.
• Plan activities to keep children entertained if you are doing it yourself. Music, crafts, games, etc.
• Purchase all supplies for the activities. Have them all sorted and open, have them ready before the first guest arrives so they can be busy while others are coming in.
• Call everyone who has not RSVP’d yet.
• When getting replies, keep a list of who is coming, also record any food/latex allergies.
• Make or order Loot bags once you receive your RSVPs – age and gender appropriate.

Day Before – Last Minute Details

• Have camera/s and film ready, don’t forget to recharge the batteries!
• Confirm with those picking up food or balloons the time and place.
• Shop for all groceries/drinks/ice, no time to do this the day of!
• Confirm details with caterer and entertainer, make sure they have a map/directions and a number you can be reached at the time of the party.
• Clean, set-up party area, decorate, put out all supplies for games, have a lighter and cake server up high for when the cake comes out.
• Have garbage bags out for ease during party.

Big Day – Enjoy!

• Always good to mark the house for people, festive!
• Final decorating touches – balloons, usually a last minute thing!
• Have someone designated to do pictures and someone else for video, you need to be free to enjoy the day and have fun!
• Follow an agenda loosely – just so you make sure you don’t forget anything! General times for things to take place in order to finish on time.
• Have yourself and birthday child at door to greet guests. If it is a drop-off, make sure you have an emergency contact number and find out about any allergies: epi-pen.
• Place all gifts in one area off to the side.
• If time permits you can open gifts (not necessary), don’t forget to record them so that if you would like to send thank you’s they can be personalized.
• Have yourself and birthday child hand out loot bags when each child leaves. Not a good idea to do ahead of time, stuff gets left behind!

After the Party – Relax!

• If you haven’t already done so, sit down and open each gift one-by-one recording who gave what, giving the child time to see what they received from who.
• Send out Thank you’s within 2 weeks of the party.
• Don’t forget to develop your pictures and put them in an album to cherish always!

We can do the planning for you – We Make it … A Piece of Cake!

A Piece of Cake - Birthday Planning Services
ON, Canada,
Phone 905-737-7237,

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