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Inspired by my fun-loving daughter who always wants to be "just like mummy", I created MumMe, a line of matching “shoe” socks for Mum’s and their little one(s). It all started when my daughter was a baby…She hated wearing real shoes with a passion, and we could never keep a pair on her for more than 30 secs! As she got older, and entered the “I want to be just like Mummy” phase, that’s when my idea took off, and the business plan was put in motion. My daughter and I spent almost a year designing and testing samples (me designing, her testing!) till we were happy with our product, and finally able to launch MumMe in Dec 2010.

Our socks are designed with style, comfort and fun in mind. All our socks are eco-friendly and made with either organic cotton or ultra soft and luxurious bamboo. Socks feature an ultra smooth toe seam (to provide superior comfort for sensitive toes) and are made slightly longer than standard ankle length, so they don’t slip off active babies and toddlers. We used a higher yarn count to be softer and thicker (than many other novelty socks) and added silicone non-skid grips on the bottom to help keep kids (and the adults who chase after them), steady on their feet. Sllicone non-skid grip is by far superior to the usual PVC non-skid grips you find on most socks. (In my opinion, those PVC non-skid bottoms don’t even grip after 1 or 2 washes!)

MumMe socks were originally designed for the stylish Mum and her little one(s), but we soon realized that Dad’s and bigger kids wanted in on the fun too! Hence, we have since expanded our size offering, and as of late summer 2011, we have a complete size range from infant to adult. This way, EVERYONE can get in on the fun! Match with mummy, match with daddy, match with your siblings, or even match with your friends! These socks are all about having fun, and looking good in the process! Whether you’re wearing your matching socks to play at indoor playgrounds/gyms, playdates, friend’s houses or at home, get ready for the compliments to come rolling in! Soft, comfortable and fashionably stylish, these socks are the perfect socks to play and lounge in all day!

(Caution: These socks may cause compulsive smiling and bring unsolicited compliments and attention from random strangers. Wear at your own risk.)

Our signature Mummy and Me or Daddy and Me Sets come beautifully packaged in a boutique style gift box, ready for gifting.

(Socks also available in Just Me (children’s only or adults only) Sets)



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